Strategic Talent Advisory supporting individuals and companies reaching full potential. Driving ROI and culture change in the insurance sector through the combination of knowledge and analytics. We achieve this through executive search, assessments and coaching.

We are recognised experts in identifying and advancing the stars of the future and the most gifted professionals in the market. We are known across industries for finding and placing the very best female talent. We believe in meritocracy, and we are trusted to find the best.

Schonhofer are Talent Advisors in the broadest sense. We combine our knowledge of the international insurance/reinsurance community with a deeply analytical approach to hiring or promoting diverse talent. This approach provides you as a client with more data points to make an informed judgement. It treats candidates fairly by being transparent and providing quantified feedback. It helps the individual appointed to get up to speed more quickly.

We do this by offering a range of services tailored to your needs as a client and as a candidate. These include board and leadership assessment to find the right DNA for the role and company, coaching to help candidates hone in on their value proposition to the corporate culture and team and optimises their potential, a clear search process to identify and secure the best talent for the role and the company.

Known for our work partnering with clients and individuals in bring together the right combination of experience, skills and behaviours to achieve desired results quickly. In doing so we are able to give you confidence in succession planning from a diverse pool with the knowledge that you have enough information to take a risk on promoting and hiring people internally, externally from the market and from other industries.

Schonhofer is not all talk, we invest heavily in your future.

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Schonhofer offers great communication and a partnership based approach

Executive Search

Schonhofer offers three tiers of executive search


Schonhofer offers supplementary services to the core executive search