All our associates are well known to the executive team and able to work seamlessly on all projects, executive search or related services.

Tom Forster

Tom Forster has served the Schonhofer brand for 20 years. Tom has dedicated his life to supporting executives in their careers across the financial services and insurance sector, first as an executive in human resources and now in a consulting capacity. He is a trusted advisor to Barbara and the business and has a fierce strength in his when addressing challenging issues.


Michael Wellin

Michael Wellin is a professional business psychologist with many years cross industry and functional experience. He has worked with the Schonhofer brand for many of these years both as a management consultant to the business when Barbara set up the precursor to her current business and as a trusted associate in management development and assessment.


Matthew McCreight

Image of Matthew McCreight

Matthew McCreight is the managing partner of Schaffers based out of Stamford, CT. Matthew and Schaffers offer management consulting in the private and public sectors and are renowned for their six sigma approach. Barbara was first introduced to Matthew by a client 15 years ago and they have since partnered in on boarding executives to Schonhofer clients.


Roger Taylor

Roger Taylor was introduced by a Chief Executive to Barbara when she was researching the coaching market on behalf of a client. Roger took on the coaching assignment with break through results. Barbara has since worked with Roger herself to fully understand his style and ability to change thinking and, as a result, has recommended him to other clients and individuals.


David Powell

David Powell is highly experienced and very effective in significantly improving individual and organisational performance and results. Over the past 24 years, he has worked across five continents and 29 countries with over 200 clients including those in the:

Financial Services: Allianz, AMP, ANZ, Arab Bank, Argo, BNP Paribas, Canopius, Chubb, CNA, Colonial Mutual, Credit Agricole, Commonwealth Bank, Endurance, Financial Services Authority, GIO, Lloyd’s Insurance Corporation, MLC, Perpetual, Pool Re, QBE, Royal Bank of Scotland, Rothschild, Suncorp, Westpac

As well some in the Telco, Pharmaceutical, IT, Mining industries.