Roger Taylor

Roger TaylorRoger is a coaching psychologist who works with senior executives across a wide range of sectors and industry including financial services, health, oil & gas, brand/marketing and e-businesss.

He believes his role is to help clients to develop the awareness both of themselves and others and hence help them make better choices. This process enables his clients to gain a deeper understanding of their own individual patterns, how and why they formed, and the purpose they have. This can provide the client with a better appreciation of who they are and why they are as they are, and is more likely to help people change than just attempting to move to an invented version of how they’d like to be.

Roger’s style is to bring provocation and challenge balanced by compassion and empathy. He uses a psychologically-grounded approach that is also informed by several years experience of working as a leader in a corporate environment (in T Mobile UK).

Roger has been working independently since April 2013 and before that was a Partner at Relume Ltd (2010-13) and Managing Director of ‘i-am people & culture’, a joint venture between Relume and ‘i-am associates’, a branding and design agency (2008–10). Until 2008, he was Head of Organisational Performance at T Mobile UK, leading a team of 130 people across all aspects of Performance Management, Learning & Devt and Leadership coaching.

Roger’s clients have included eBay, Telstra, BP, Flood Re, the ABI and First Direct.

He has a Masters Degree in Psychological Coaching (Metanoia 2013).