Executive Search:

At Schonhofer, we are most effective when partnering with our clients.  We deliver relevant shortlists by building trust, sharing information and taking time to understand the company culture and environment.  We also ask about the internal pressures and influences that affect the role, to determine the leadership behaviours required to suceed in the role, team and company.

We use a structured and well defined approach designed to add value at each step of the search process. We leave nothing to chance, and we document our work fully, so we – and you – can monitor progress.  There is nothing opaque, mysterious or sharp elbowed in what we do at Schonhofer: we aim to take the stress out of hiring by absorbing as much of the work-load as our clients want.  This results in both diverse and relevant shortlists.

The Practices

Schonhofer practices cover board, operations, insurance and risk. Within these practice areas our approach and service offering to a clients need is uniform.

We are often asked what is our area of focus and deep knowledge and expertise; our strength is in our ability to understand the business need of a client and the leadership behaviours required. The Schonhofer leadership team and our profession associates and advisors have all worked for many years in business operating at board and senior team level. We have the knowledge and the networks to support our clients in finding the best talent in a cross border and cross industry context.

As a client looking for C suite business leaders we are positioned to help you in underwriting, operational and enterprise risk. We have helped clients hire and develop talent in many areas over many years in senior leadership roles both in underwriting and in all operational areas outside underwriting many in a global context.

We are best suited to director and leadership roles having conducted multiple assignments at board (executive and non executive) for Chairman and Director roles covering audit, risk, operations and investment and in senior management (C suite) CEO, CUO, CFO, CRO, COO, CIO and CHRD.

“Barbara has helped Flood Re fill key Executive and Board positions. The candidates presented were exceptional and left us with some tough decisions, the advice that came with the search caused us to think about things differently and I would recommend [Schonhofer] without hesitation.”

Ex Chief Executive Officer, Flood Re

The Board Practice

Aligned to our client...

We offer a flexible and tailored solutions approach to executive search, designed to ensure our clients feel supported, well informed and in control.  If you choose:

We will conduct a full executive search across geography and industry, providing fresh information about competitors, the market and candidates.  We will conduct detailed leadership assessments of candidates including independent psychometric testing by our business psychologists associates.

In the case when our client is confident that they know a good many of the potential candidates for a specific role and want our expertise in confirmation and some new candidates ideas, we will define our research on an agreed basis.

When our client knows the few candidates they want to target for the role (including any internal candidates) and where they require an independent approach to engage these indiviudals and conduct an independent assessment of their suitability for the role.

For all our executive searches we offer:

  • take a detailed brief about the company and role
  • agree leadership behaviours required  for the role
  • undertake personal approaches to engage candidates
  • conduct in depth interviews including behaviour based interview
  • offer mentoring and prepare candidates for client interview
  • conduct Psychometric testing by independant business psychologists

Delivering a successful search

Whichever service is required, we start by drafting a detailed brief about the company and role, including the leadership behaviours we have agreed with you are needed for the role.  This document is primordial as it is our marketing material to the candidates.   The appointed search team will approach and engages thought leaders, sources and candidates and conduct fresh research as appropriate.  The same team will interview each shortlisted candidate at length and support our own assessment by using psychometrics tests conducted by our independent business psychologists.  During that process, we will mentor candidates, keep you and them fully up informed and updated and prepare you and them for interview.  We understand that the offer is a crucial part of the hiring process and we like to be well prepared about the compensation and benefits package on offer in order to manage expectations of our client and the shortlisted candidates.  We support and assist our client negotiate remuneration packages and employment terms that will secure and motivate a candidate.

We are accomplished networkers and our research for executive searches is thorough, well defined and qualified by thought leaders in insurance and financial services, broader industry,  government circles and into the charitable sector in a global context.

“The Schonhofer team have assisted us on some very complex searches and provided excellent insights into candidate profiles and fit within our organisation. This coupled with their controlled management of the search project gave me a huge amount of confidence in the selection process which ultimately resulted in a high calibre individual joining our Company”

Managing Director, ArgoGlobal